If you are looking for a method of evaluating your gifted program that is research-based, easy to use, and tested in the field, please keep reading.  mcintosh.jason1@gmail.com


The Depth and Complexity Program Evaluation Tool (DC-PET) is a new evaluation system that combines techniques from the fields of program evaluation and organizational change with the Kaplan Depth and Complexity Model to guide those with little knowledge of the evaluation process to evaluate a gifted program. The system contains a paper workbook and online application designed to build evaluation capacity among gifted education stakeholders.  Nine evaluation teams and 55 people from five districts piloted the DC-PET in a mixed-methods study. To read the study outlining the results, download the attachment below. In addition, a slideshow displaying key elements of the tool can be found immediately following the study. For more information, please use the "Contact Me" page in the menu bar above.

DC-PET Study_McIntosh_2015 3.7MB